The Oversight Board is to have representation from NOAA Fisheries, state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes, the Council, and others to ensure that the Fish Passage Center carries out its functions consistent with the Council's program. The Oversight Board is to conduct an annual review of the performance of the Fish Passage Center and develop a goal-oriented implementation plan to assure regional accountability and compatibility with the regional data management system, as well as program consistency. The Oversight Board is also to work with the Fish Passage Center and the Independent Scientific Advisory Board to organize a regular system of independent and timely science review of the Fish Passage Center's analytical products, with the Oversight Board determining the requirements for peer review. The Fish Passage Center is to prepare an annual report to the Oversight Board summarizing its activities and accomplishments.

For the provision in the Council's Fish and Wildlife Program relating to the Fish Passage Center and the Oversight Board, see page 54-55 of the Council's 2009 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.


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