Independent Economic Analysis Board

The IEAB assists with difficult economic issues associated with the Council’s fish and wildlife program.

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Contact: Tony Grover, 503-222-5161

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IEAB 2015-1Long-Term Cost Planning for the Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2014-1IEAB recommendations related to amendments for the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2013-2Economic Risk of Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2013-1Cost-Effectiveness of Fish Tagging Technologies and Programs in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2013IEAB 2013 Annual Report
IEAB 2012-1Cost-Effectiveness Strategies for the Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2011-2Cost–Effectiveness of Improved Irrigation Efficiency and Water Transactions for Instream Flow for Fish
IEAB 2011-1Scoping Task for Review of Hatchery EIS Economic Appendices, Task #171 Report
IEAB 2010-1Economic Risk Associated with the Potential Establishment of Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2009-3Review of Draft Sixth Power Plan Chapter 11, Capacity and Flexibility Task 152
IEAB 2009-2Integrated Hatchery Operations: Fish and Wildlife Program Costs and Other Economic Effects Phase 1
IEAB 2009-1Interactions between Fish and Wildlife Program and Sixth Power Plan (Phase 1): Task 138
IEAB 2007-5Continuing Investigation of Alternative Strategies for Habitat Acquisition
IEAB 2007-4Investigation of Wildlife O&M Costs
ISRP/IEAB 2007-3SAFE Review 2007 — Review of the Select Area Fishery Evaluation Project Reports: Final Completion Report, October 1993 to October 2005 (April 2006) and Economic Analysis Study (November 2006)Project #1993-060-00
IEAB 2007-2Project Cost Escalation Standards: Task 115
IEAB 2007-1Review of the SOS Revenue Stream Report
IEAB 2006-2Scoping Investigation of Available Project Information
IEAB 2006-1A Scoping Investigation of Approaches to Preserving Habitat
ISRP/IEAB 2005-8Review of the Select Area Fishery Evaluation Project 1993-2003 Final Project Completion Report (SAFE Review)
IEAB 2005-2Review of the Estimated Economic Impacts of Salmon Fishing in Idaho
IEAB 2005-1Economic Effects from Columbia River Basin Anadromous Salmonid Fish Production
IEAB 2004-2Scoping for Feasibility of Columbia River Mainstem Passage Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
IEAB 2004-1Juvenile Passage Cost Effectiveness Analysis for the Columbia River Basin: Description and Preliminary Analysis
IEAB 2003-3Application of the IEAB's Recommendations and Guidance for Economic Analysis in Subbasin Planning to the Clearwater Subbasin Management Plan
IEAB 2003-2Recommendations and Guidance for Economic Analysis in Subbasin Planning
IEAB 2003-1Review of IEAB's Activities and Contributions to Fish and Wildlife Planning
IEAB 2002-2Review of Proposals for Improving Methow and Twisp Rivers for Anadromous Fish Interim Report
IEAB 2002-1Artificial Production Review Economics Analysis Phase I
IEAB 2001-2Economic Review of Instream Water Supply Components of the Salmon Creek Project
IEAB 2001-1Economics of Water Acquisition Projects
IEAB 2000-1Review of Economic Appendix I of the Corps' Lower Snake Feasibility Study
IEAB 1999-2Review of comments on Restoring the Lower Snake River: Saving Snake River Salmon and Saving Money by the Oregon Natural Resources Council
IEAB 1999-1River Economics: Evaluating Trade-offs in Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Programs and Policies
IEAB 1997-2Lessons from Existing Studies of the Economics of Fish and Wildlife Recovery Measures in the Northwest
IEAB 1997-1Review of Local Economic Impact Studies: Tri-Port Economic Impact Study