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Tuesday, November 12

Power Committee – 9am – Small conference room

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Fish and Wildlife Committee – 8:30am – Large conference room

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  • Review and discuss comments on Draft Program Amendments (PO) (60)
  • Presentation of Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and Idaho Department of Fish & Game on the status of Kootenai River Burbot recovery efforts (30) (TU). Also see presentation with video (200mb PowerPoint)
  • Washington State Aquatic Invasive Species Program Overview: WDFW (45) (KF)
  • Update by Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) (30) (NL)
  • History and Significance of Freshwater MusselsUmatilla Tribe (30) (MF)

Council Meeting – 1:30pm – Large and Small conference rooms

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 1:30 – 1:45pmReports from Fish and Wildlife, Power and Public Affairs committee chairs: Guy Norman, chair, fish and wildlife committee; Richard Devlin, chair, power committee; and Jeffery Allen, chair, public affairs committee.
1.1:45 – 2:15pmUpdate on Public Power Council: Scott Simms, Executive Director, Public Power Council.
2.  2:15 – 2:45pmUpdate on the Walla Walla Spring Chinook Hatchery, Project #2000-038-00, Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction: Mark Fritschproject implementation manager; Gene Shippentower and Craig Contor, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR); and Mary Todd Haight, Bonneville Power Administration.
 2:45 – 3:00pmBreak
3.3:00 – 4:00pmReview of public comments on draft Fish and Wildlife Program amendments (addendum):  Patty O’Toole, acting director, fish and wildlife division.

The Council will meet in Executive Session at the close of business on Tuesday, November 12 to discuss internal personnel matters.

Wednesday, November 13

Continuation of Council Meeting –  8:30am – Large and Small conference rooms

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4.8:30 – 9:15amReview of the Upper Columbia United Tribes’ Fish Passage and Reintroduction Report: Dr. Stan Gregory, Chair; and Tom Quinn, member, Independent Scientific Advisory Board.
5.9:15 – 9:45amClark Public Utility District UpdateLena Wittler, CEO and General Manager, Clark Public Utility District.
 9:45 – 10:00amBreak
6.10:00 – 10:45amUpdate on Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast and Avoided Emissions Rate, John Ollis, manager, planning and analysis.
7.10:45 – 11:15amReview and finalize the web-based Program Performance and Progress tool: Nancy Leonard, program performance manager; Carol Winkel, senior writer and editor; and Mark Fritsch.
8.11:15 – 11:45amUpdate on the Asset Management Strategic Plan. Mark Fritsch.
9.11:45 – NoonUpdate on Resident Fish and Sturgeon Category Review: Lynn Palensky, manager, project review.
10.NoonCouncil Business
  • Approval of minutes of October 2019 Council Meeting
  • Approval of ISRP appointments and discussion of ISAB appointments
  Public comment on any issue before the Council.