Notice:  All four members of the Council's Power Committee are invited to attend this committee meeting.

1:30pm - 4:30pm

Links to Materials Packet and Seventh Plan Process Document (Trifold)


  1. Welcome                                                                    Henry Lorenzen
  2. Introductions                                                              Group
  3. Overall Purpose and Role for Committee                  Charlie Black
  4. Committee Members’ Goals for Participation             Committee Members
  5. Draft Approach for Seventh Power Plan                    Charlie Black
    1. Process
    2. Analysis
    3. Schedule
  6. Number and Timing of Committee Meetings              Group
  7. Closing Comments                                                     Henry Lorenzen


Link info for those who can't join us in person on January 15th:

Phone info: 800-786-1922, Code: 53922423

Meeting contact: Chad Madron,