Dial in: 1 877 309 2074
Access Code: 886-352-281

9:30 am-11:30 am Pacific

Meeting materials will be posted when available. 

9:30 am - Welcome and Introductions - Debbie DePetris and Ginny Burdick, RTF PAC Co-chairs

9:45 am - Sub-Regional Baseline Exploration Recommendations - Jennifer Light, RTF Manager

  • Staff has commissioned two exploratory studies to think through the issues and implications of estimating savings for sub-regions in order to achieve greater granularity in our measures. This will be a presentation of those findings which will facilitate a PAC discussion of how to proceed with this work.  

10:45 am -2023 Work Plan - Jennifer Light, RTF Manager

  • Opportunity to collect early input on potential activities in the 2023 RTF work plan, which will be brought to the committee for approval at it Q3 meeting. 

11:15 am - Wrap-Up - Debbie DePetris & Ginny Burdick, RTF PAC Co-chairs

11:30 am - Adjourn