Discovery A conference room

1 p.m. - 4 p.m. (PDT)

GoToMeeting or conference call: 800-356-8278, code 186685


1. BPA Asset Management Key Strategic Initiative (KSI)           (30 mins)

 2. Timeline for the O&M Strategic Plan                                     (30 mins)

    • Review timeframes and deliverables associated with the screens, hatcheries and wildlife categories

 3. Screens (Council and Bonneville staff)                                  (45 mins)

    • Update on template review
      • Initial comments from managers
    • Status of managers prioritization for FY2018

 4. Hatcheries (Council and Bonneville staff)                              (45 mins)

 5. Wildlife Lands                                                                      (30 mins)

    • Wildlife category review update (Council and Bonneville staff)
      • Discussion on O&M programmatic issue
    • BPA remote sensing analysis (Bonneville staff)
      • Update on lands monitoring program