851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1100
Portland, OR 97204-1348 (map)

503-222-5161 or 800-452-5161
Fax 503-820-2370

This office houses the Council's administrative, technical, legal and public affairs staff. The Council also holds many of its committee meetings and working sessions here.

Each state also maintains its own office. Washington and Oregon have two offices each, one on the western side and one on the eastern.

Click names for photos and biographies, also see our organizational chart.

Executive Division

Bill Edmonds Executive Director
Johny Hernandez Executive Assistant

Administrative Division

Sandra Hirotsu Administrative Division Director
Tiffany Craig Information Systems Administrator
Tamara Fleming  Payroll/Benefits Coordinator/Accounting Specialist
Trina Gerlack Travel Coordinator/Contract AP Specialist
Anne O'Reilly Accounting Manager
Barry Richardson Information Systems Manager

Fish and Wildlife Division

Patty O'Toole Fish and Wildlife Division Director
Leslie Bach Senior Program Manager
Kendra Coles Senior Group Assistant
Mark Fritsch Project Review and Implementation Manager
Maureen Hess Fish and Wildlife Program Analyst
Kris Homel Biologist for Program Performance
Erik Merrill Independent Science Manager

Power Division

Jennifer Light Director of Power Planning
Dylan DSouza Energy Analyst
John Fazio Senior Power Systems Analyst
Dor Hirsh Bar Gai Power System Analyst
Dan Hua Power System Analyst
Tina Jayaweera Manager, Power Planning Resources
Massoud Jourabchi Manager, Economic Analysis
Chad Madron Senior Division Coordinator
John Ollis Manager of Planning and Analysis
Annika Roberts Resource Policy Analyst
Steve Simmons Principal Analyst
Kevin Smit Senior Energy Analyst
Laura Thomas Regional Technical Forum Manager

Public Affairs Division

Ann E. Gravatt Communications and Public Affairs Director
Eric Schrepel Technical and Web Data Specialist
Carol Winkel Senior Writer and Editor

Legal Division

John Shurts General Counsel